MTV: Bad Bunny's new music video for ‘Caro’ (co-written by Ricky Martin) is an LGBTQ anthem

I love me some Bad Bunny. 😍With his painted, manicured nails and flamboyant sense of style, Bad Bunny's long been at odds with the machista attitudes often ingrained in Latino culture. He is once again a voice for anti toxic masculinity with the new music video for "Caro" - which opens with him getting his nails painted black (his favorite past time), which quickly switches to the female version of him. Below is a quote from the article -- you should also check out this Rolling Stone piece on the video.

When the camera refocuses on the rapper, he's been replaced by Puerto Rican model Jazmyne Joy, who seamlessly rocks the artist's gender-fluid style. While lip-syncing his lyrics, Joy flexes on the hood of a Ferrari convertible. And in a dream-like fashion show that unfolds in a parallel sequence, women of many sizes, shapes, and age strut the catwalk with confidence. A fierce drag queen, stylish Black man, and young woman with Down syndrome take their strides with pride. Eventually, Bad Bunny reappears during the video’s sunset with people running around him. A man and a woman each jump to kiss him on the cheek, and, Bad Bunny kisses Joy, his copy, in a gesture of self-love. "Caro" is rich with inclusive imagery... All this makes Bad Bunny a sorely-needed Latinx artist — one who understands why representation matters, champions it in spite of his critics, and is hopefully inspiring more Latinx artists to fearlessly align with the LGBTQ community.


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