Uber's Journey Toward Better Data Culture From First Principles


This is a Very Good Post. If you're already living in the dbt ecosystem, many of these topics won't feel brand new to you ("data should be treated as code," etc.) but the complete picture provided by the post is really fantastic. It hits on everything from explicit ownership of every data asset to clear SLAs to...well, a lot.

What's perhaps most interesting to me in this whole wonderful post is what's not said. Specifically: the problems that Uber is experiencing around data are the same effing problems that the rest of us are experiencing. Never mind that they have some of the highest-horsepower data talent in the world and have built incredible, industry-leading tooling in many categories... they're still trying to get "the basics" right.

The hard problems of data today are fundamentally collaborative, are fundamentally about enabling arbitrarily-large groups of humans to build up and interact with a shared body of knowledge with confidence. This is as much about culture and process as it is about tooling, and Uber is in the mud trying to figure it out right along with the rest of us.


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