The Future of Business Intelligence is Open Source

This is maybe just a little bit more of an advertisement for Superset / Preset than I needed, but it's a really really important topic and Max is in a uniquely strong position to make this claim. I won't attempt to summarize—the post does a great job on its own and is already concise.

I do want to add another point that I care a lot about when it comes to freedom and open source. Max focuses on the freedom of the company relative to the vendor; I also think it's important to think about the freedom of the employee relative to the company. If a tool is open source, I as a data analyst can take it with me from job to job whether or not my new company has approved it as a budget line item. I just download it and get to work. This enables me to invest in a skillset and community that will stick with me for a long time and be a strategic asset in my career, not just a productivity tool that I happen to use at my current job. This is how software engineers relate to their one can take sed or vim away from you.


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