The West’s war on itself

This is a great read addressing the concept of "preventing violent extremism" (PVE) that has shaped western policy for years:

"(...) Western societies have not only ceased to exert meaningful pressure on abusive regimes abroad—they have also, increasingly, emulated some of these regimes’ worst practices. PVE is both the representation and rationalisation of this downward trend. On one hand, it drafts a diverse array of civilian foreign policy tools into the service of the war on terror. On the other, PVE’s convolution and halo of liberal moralism help obscure an uncomfortable reality: Western foreign policy has been reduced to an incoherent, almost hysterical effort to protect our borders from a threat that we fail to adequately define" 

"(...) the most important question of all may not be whether the West is winning or losing in its fight against terrorism, but how much of itself it is forfeiting in the process"


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