PostHog Raises $12 Million

This is really very cool.

Product analytics is hard, and it's not super-well-solved by the modern data stack today. I've written about this before, but doing product analytics inside of traditional BI products isn't intuitive and requires more technical expertise than most users have / have time for. There really is a role to play for vertical-specific analytical experiences to play in this use case, and I'm excited about companies like Indicative building on top of the modern data stack and Mixpanel making big moves in this direction as well.

PostHog goes one step further—it's not just a product analytics tool that plays well with the modern data stack, it's a fully-open-source approach to the problem. Own the data pipeline as well as the analytical layer on top of it. Get the convenience of their hosting, or go-it-alone with your own deployment. This eliminates the traditional lock-in business model that the industry has had and also opens up the enterprise in a big way.

PostHog is growing very quickly from a launch in 2020 with 3,000 companies already using the product. Definitely follow this.


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