‘The war is coming to an end, and the US should let it end’


Joshua Landis' arguments might be unpopular but his core idea somehow addresses the realities on the ground. Just consider that the Assad regime definitely won't share power with opposition groups and the West sticks to its policy of 'limited intervention'. 

"What we need is rebuilding. Yes, it’s going to consolidate Shiite power and Iranian influence. But if we look at the population stretching between Iraq and Beirut, there are more Shiite Arabs than there are Sunni Arabs. You want to punish the majority of Arabs in this region because the Sunnis don’t have the political power? (...) Strangling trade doesn’t have any chance of bringing back Sunni power. The only thing that is going to bring back Sunni power is allowing this region to rebuild, to decrease sectarian animosity—which is at an incredibly high point—and let people build friendships and lives again"


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