Databricks | Introducing Delta Sharing: an Open Protocol for Secure Data Sharing

Ok this is cool. Instead of Snowflake's you-can-share-data-with-anyone-as-long-as-they're-on-Snowflake, this is an open protocol, an open source reference implementation server (host your own or have Databricks manage it for you), all living on top of open source file formats (Delta / Parquet) and other open protocols (REST/HTTP). If you want to create a widespread network effect of data sharing (and all sharing behaviors are fundamentally network-driven) this is the way you have to do it.

From my read, though, there are still things to figure out here. I'm not sure that the most common use case for data sharing is "grab a bunch of Parquet files" which is what this makes easy. That's not really a knock on the protocol, just a guess that there is likely more to be built on this in the months and years ahead. Which is cool.


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