Stanford: The AI Index Report

Truly massive report on the state of AI. There's a lot in here that—if you're a close follower of the space—won't be new to you. What I found particularly interesting were trends outside of the purely technical. For example:

The percentage of international students among new AI PhDs in North America continued to rise in 2019, to 64.3%—a 4.3% increase from 2018. Among foreign graduates, 81.8% stayed in the United States and 8.6% have taken jobs outside the United States.
After surpassing the US in the total number of journal publications several years ago, China now also leads in journal citations; however, the US has consistently (and significantly) more AI conference papers (which are also more heavily cited) than China over the last decade.
In 2019, 65% of graduating North American PhDs in AI went into industry—up from 44.4% in 2010, highlighting the greater role industry has begun to play in AI development.

All of these were net new information. I continue to be very interested in the politics of AI—the nation-vs-nation competition but also the industry-vs-academia-vs-government competition. Information (and information processing) is power.


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