Things your manager might not know

This fantastic post from Julia Evans has really made the rounds recently. Written from the perspective of a software engineer, it's nonetheless SO relevant for data professionals.

Being good at telling your manager the right information at the right time and asking for what you need is a superpower. It makes you way more valuable to have on a team (because your manager knows they can trust you to give them the information they need), and it’s more likely that you’ll get what you want (because you’re making it easy for them to do that!).
This skill takes a lot of time to learn but it’s pretty easy to practice. You can take a few minutes to reflect before your 1:1 with your manager and think about what might be important to bring up with them.

I've had the experience over the past 5 years of going from running a company with two humans at it to one that now has ~80 humans. There is A LOT that I don't know at this point, not from my abject lack of competency but simply because I can only receive and process so much information. The ability of folks around me to help me help them by making sure that I have the right information is so important.

Obviously this is a two-way street! Managers need to both create a culture in which this is safe to do and valued/acted upon, but it's also important for folks managing upwards to empathize with the fundamental impossibility for their managers to know as much as they do about a whole variety of things. If you've never yourself been a manager, this post is very valuable for helping build that empathy so that you can get more out of your manager.


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