Nudging Safer Passwords

According to some estimates, 4 out of every 5 data breaches happen due to weak, stolen or reused passwords. Even then almost all of us have used passwords like Password123 or abcde123 at some point of time in our lives. But why is it so hard to set-up a secure password that's easy to remember and use.

Anton Wrisberg, a Behavioural Science Researcher at The Behaviour Change Agency, believes that there are multiple reasons - too many digital services, not realising how important a secure password is, 'who-is-going-to-hack-me' mindset, and more.

To solve this problem using Behavior Science insights, Anton Wrisberg and his colleagues completely redesigned the traditional password creation process in an incredible project. They have used a combination of nudges such as salience, social norms, timely intervention and more to 'nudge' the users to set-up a secure and unique password.

I truly believe that this process should be replicated across all digital services to reduce the risk of information breaches.


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