The Big Lessons From History

This is not the type of article that you expect to find in a newsletter on Behavior Science. But it is here for a reason.

It's here because it's perhaps the most amazing and thoughtfully written article I have read in 2020. This is the type of article that I will pay to read. Hence, I thought it is important that I share it with you.

Author Morgan Housel takes you on a mind opening tour of meta lessons from history and how you can use these to make sense of the future. Here are some samples (if you don't believe me on how awesome this article is :-D)

The biggest risk is what no one sees coming, because if no one sees it coming no one’s prepared for it, and if no one’s prepared for it its damage will be amplified when it arrives.
The most powerful way to get someone to believe something is not to show them facts, because facts can be interpreted in different ways. It’s to make their income or approval in a social circle depend on believing it.
The best financial plan – and I think this extends beyond finance – is to save like a pessimist and invest like an optimist.

Do yourself a favor and read this article. Can't recommend it enough.


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