The modern data stack: past, present, and future

I don't get enough time to write these days, but when I do, I try to write 5,000 words at a go ;) Here's the organizing principle behind my most recent post:

(...) while there certainly have been incremental advances in [the products that make up the modern data stack over the past four years], none of their core user experiences has fundamentally changed. If you fell asleep, Rip Van Winkle-style, in 2016 and woke up today, you wouldn’t really need to update your mental model of how the modern data stack works all that much. More integrations, better window function support, more configuration options, better reliability… All of these are very good things, but they suggest a certain maturity, a certain stasis. What happened to the massive innovation we saw from 2012-2016?

It covers a lot of ground and hopefully helps put a frame around where we are as an industry. If you enjoy this super-zoomed-out perspective, join me on Tuesday for my talk: Organizational Epistemology. Or: How do we Know Stuff?


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