The White House Launches the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office

So...this is a weird thing to link to, especially in the middle of the current absolute mess of a political climate in Washington DC. I want to stay well away from politics, though, and talk about industrial policy and computing.

The idea that government should be neutral on matters of industrial policy, leaving that completely up to the "free market" is ahistorical. It was the involvement of government in the technology industry starting in WWII that led to the creation of the semiconductor industry and then the internet. And we should anticipate that governments will have a major role to play in the development of AI in the coming decades. Other leading countries—most notably China and the UK—have clearly recognized this; the US has been a slower-mover here.

There has started to be some movement, though. The link above has quite a lot of fluff in it and so needs to be read with a critical eye. My read, after going a couple of links deep on it is that the US is still lagging on this topic vs. others, but we're doing more than we were in 2017.

It's hard to know how the future will play out, but geopolitics and technology really do interact in a very material way. The fact that ICANN is American has actually mattered over the past 2+ decades, whether one is happy about that or not. As such, following national strategies on the industry we all participate in is—while kind of boring, I admit—quite important.


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