Using the Search Optimization Service — Snowflake Documentation

OK, yeah, I'm linking to the Snowflake docs. Not the kind of thing I tend to do, but I'm pretty psyched about this new feature. It falls squarely into the camp of "things that Snowflake is doing right that I haven't seen the other data warehouses doing." What, exactly, does it do?

The search optimization service aims to significantly improve the performance of selective point lookup queries on large tables. A point lookup query returns only one or a small number of distinct rows.

This is an incredibly common, OLTP-style read query. "Show me the profile of a given customer" and a million other similar requests. We have (many times!) created data systems where the modern data stack was used to ingest, model, and store the data to support these types of workloads, but then in order to build production applications on top of them we would load the modeled data into a more traditional OLTP database to take advantage of the response time properties for this type of query. Being able to serve these types of selective, interactive queries directly on Snowflake will make developing these types of applications dramatically easier.


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