Data Quality at Airbnb. Part 1 — Rebuilding at Scale

As a company matures, the requirements for its data warehouse change significantly. To meet these changing needs at Airbnb, we successfully reconstructed the data warehouse and revitalized the data engineering community. This was done as part of a company wide Data Quality initiative.

I had heard from multiple sources that data @ Airbnb, from its august early days, had run into some challenges of late. This post made me really happy—the company has heavily invested in updating some of its practices and technology. It's not a super-detailed post but I think it's instructive in just the talking about the challenges that they've faced as they've grown. I can only imagine how much change and scale the org has gone through over the past ~6 years since the early days of Superset / Airflow.

Doing these types of overhauls is hard. Kudos, folks.


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