An Analytics Engineer is Really Just a Pissed Off Data Analyst

Sitting through dbt Coalesce conference this week, my biggest takeaway is that data is less trustworthy than ever and people are fired up about it. Often times, an analytics engineer is really just a pissed off analyst who has the tools and motivation to make things better for everyone else.

Hah. I wouldn't have put it quite like that but...Seth isn't wrong ;) I often describe myself in 2016 (when we were building v0.1 of dbt) as a frustrated data analyst. Another spitfire paragraph I love:

If your organization isn’t on board with the movement, it’s time to get on the train. It’s almost certain that people in your organization don’t feel like they can get the data they need, can’t make sense of their data, or generally don’t trust the data in their reports or dashboards. Analytics engineering sets out to solve these issues.

Short post, really conveys the essence of the movement that's going on in the dbt community.


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