Introducing Observable Plot

Observable—the company founded by Mike Bostock, creator of D3—just released a new plotting library for Javascript. Here's how the Observable team thinks of Plot in the context of other frameworks out there:

We created Plot to better support exploratory data analysis in reactive, JavaScript notebooks like Observable. We continue to support D3 for bespoke explanatory visualization and recommend Vega-Lite for imperative, polyglot environments such as Jupyter. Plot lets you see your ideas quickly, supports interaction with minimal fuss, is flexible with respect to data, and can be readily extended by the community. We believe people will be more successful finding and sharing insight if there’s less wrestling with the intricacies of programming and more “using vision to think.”

Very very into this train of thought. I have long felt like the exploratory process should be able to be more naturally done in code than in GUIs, but I've been really unhappy with my work in frameworks to-date. They haven't seemed to enable the rapid, natural iteration that I want. I need to spend some time and play around here...


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