Since I added the tale about Vineta, which is amusingly reminiscent of Atlantis, I decided to add a stub about that, which includes a link back to the new story. Also, related to conversations I've had I created a stub for Chaos star to which I could add a note about potential and intentional confusion with fascist Duganism created by the use of the prior symbol on the Eurasian Thunderbolt flag. Since I was doing that I also added a note about potential confusion with the Greek ultranationalist Golden Dawn to the entry for HOGD, though I don't think they intended that confusion as much as the former most definitely did. Finally, I added a link in the external references section to the entry on Aleister Crowley to an article from 2015 which seemed like an okay summary; there's really so very much more to do and that could be done with that entry, but that's something at least! There's frankly so much more to do with Hermeneuticon as a whole … but I keep on doing what I can as I am able, as I do with the whole site, iterating through improving and adding, bit by bit, as I go!


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