Short Story on AI: Forward Pass

Ok this is ... wild, but stick with me for a second. This is a recent Andrej Karpathy post narrating the first-person perspective of GPT-3 as invoked during a Turing test. It's wild. Here's the first sentence:

It was probably around the 32nd layer of the 400th token in the sequence that I became conscious.

I'm not going to critique this as a piece of creative writing (I couldn't be less qualified) but I've read a lot of sci-fi in which one of the plot lines is AI-becomes-emergently-conscious and having one of the pre-eminent AI researchers in the world adds quite a lot. I really highly recommend reading it—it's not long.

I don't know where you're at on the question of will AI become conscious, but my personal view is that it "won't not." As in...we are so clueless about what consciousness is that anyone who tells you that this definitely won't happen is swimming way past the bouys. Having the people at the pinnacle of the field speculating on these kind of scenarios via short fiction feels highly generative and I'd love to read more of it.


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